POMIA (foundation corporation) Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement


Lead the technology commercialization for local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

SME Support Strategy

In an effort to support with the enhancement of SMEs’ competitiveness, POMIA provides sustainable & customized technical support through the establishment of industry-academia mutual growth system and specialized technical council

Strengthen CompetitivenessImprove customer satisfaction
  • 1. Speedy Speedy & accurate technology support ㆍExpand computational analysis
    ㆍReduce required time for R&D
    ㆍShift to new process paradigm
  • 2. Variety Establishment of diverse support system ㆍRespond to various technology demands
    ㆍEnhance competency in diverse fields
    ㆍMinimaize blind spots
  • 3. Partnership Improvement of infrastructure utilization ㆍExpand co-utilization system
    ㆍSecure joint R&D foundation
    ㆍIntensify human network with local enterprises
  • 4. Leading Leading practical technology development ㆍImprove quality &reduce cost
    ㆍOffer trouble-shooting solution
    ㆍDevelop core technology

Industry-academia Mutual Growth system

  • Identical support ⇒ (New) Customized support
  • Provide integrated support platform fostering global hidden champions
  • Strengthen companies’ technical competitiveness by expanding the technology leading
  • Target companiesAnalyze technical capacity ㆍCategorize companies
    ㆍRecommend appropriate projects Enhance technology
  • Customized supportImplement"mentorship" ㆍEnterprise support
    ㆍJoint research Strengthen technical competitiveness
  • NetworkingOperate Working Groups ㆍForm consulative groups
    ㆍTechnical experts Minimize blind spots

Foster global hidden champions

POMIA Specialized Technical Council

  • technology, business management, patent, marketing, etc.
  • Overcome limited resources of POMIA and minimize blind spots


  • Apply for
    Submit application form
  • Assign
    Assign experts by pertinent field
    (POMIA + experts)
  • Conduct
    Provide consultiong
  • Complete
    Provide consiltiong reports

Current Status (as of December 2017)

  • ㆍPohang : 24(36%)
  • ㆍOther regions : 43(64%)
  • ㆍTechnical Expert from :
    • - Industry-academia-laboratory : 19(28%)
    • - Industry-academia : 13(19%)
    • - Industry-laboratory : 5(8%)