POMIA (foundation corporation) Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement


Lead the technology commercialization for local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

Plastic deformation technology

  • ㆍOptimize metal processing technology (forging, rolling, cutting, pressing, etc.)
  • ㆍPlastic deformation modelling and property prediction
  • ㆍEvaluate reliability of plastic deformation components

Surface treatment technology

  • ㆍOptimize high-functional surface treatment Technology
  • ㆍEstimate etching/anticorrosion characteristics
  • ㆍAnalyze surface/interface characteristics

Welding/joining technology

  • ㆍOptimized welding/joining technology by material
  • ㆍWelds modeling and property prediction
  • ㆍEvaluate characteristics of welds

Surface treatment and etching/anticorrosion technology

  • ㆍOptimize the casting and control the impurity
  • ㆍOptimize the heat treatment process and control the property
  • ㆍEvaluate casting, heat treatment product performance