POMIA (foundation corporation) Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement


Lead the technology commercialization for local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

Strengthening role to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs

  • ㆍDeterioration of local SME's business condition due to rapid changes in steel industry
  • ㆍLack of SMEs capability to respond to the internal and external challenges
  • ㆍNeed for support of fostering emerging industry and innovation through enhancement of steel industry's competitiveness
Professional research institute for supporting SMEs
based on the technology innovation
Technical support
  • ㆍEstablish collaboration system
  • ㆍConsult on technical problems
  • ㆍFoster local hidden champions
Leading techology innovation(+technical support)
  • ㆍStrengthen collaboration linkage
  • ㆍReinforce practical research
  • ㆍFoster blobal hidden champions

Action plan

Enterprise support + Technology leadership
  • 1. Strengthen the capacity of SMEs ㆍDecelop prospective businesses according to the local demand
    ㆍExpand joint R&D projects
    ㆍConduct research projects focused on technology transfer and commercialization
  • 2. Strengthen technical competitivenss of hidden champions ㆍDiagnose current status and provide solutions
    ㆍStrengthen in-depth support by expanding co-utilization of research infrastructure
    ㆍReflect needs of enterprises by diversifying supportiong program
  • 3. Cheate outstanding research achievement by enhancing the expertise capacity ㆍStrengthen the professional capabilities through specialized
    ㆍAllocate resource efficiently through determination of core research field
    ㆍEstablish compensation system according to the performance
  • 4. Secure continuous growth by improving business management system ㆍEstablish effective management system and sustainable management foundation
    ㆍEstablish stable financial structure by securing financial integrity
    ㆍStrengthen a sense of ownership