POMIA (foundation corporation) Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement


Lead the technology commercialization for local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

  • Joint R&D ㆍResearch on metal material utilization technology
    ㆍResearch on computer-aided engineering technology
    ㆍResearch on energy and environmental materials
    ㆍEstablishment of infrastructure for promising industry
  • Technical Support ㆍDevelopment of prototypes
    ㆍPatent application
    ㆍCo-utilization of equipment
    ㆍVarious computational analysis and design
  • marketing Support ㆍDevelopment of PR materials
    ㆍAcquisition of certification
    ㆍParticipation of exhibition
    ㆍDevelopment of global market
  • Training ㆍOn-the-job training
    ㆍField trouble-shootiong training
    ㆍTechnical seminar