POMIA (foundation corporation) Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement


Lead the technology commercialization for local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises(SMEs)

Fuel Cell MBOP Developmnet Technology

  • ㆍAssess high-temperature fuel battery MBOP performance
  • ㆍDevelop high-efficiency durable fuel battery MBOP
  • ㆍAnalyze source of MBOP malfunctions/defects

High-temperature Materials Technology

  • ㆍAssess basic properties of high-temperature MBOP component materials
  • ㆍAnalyze high-temperature degradation mechanism of fuel cell materials
  • ㆍAssess high-temperature accelerated durability of MBOP pipe materials

Water quality improvement and pollution prevention technology

  • ㆍRemediate wastewater and hazardous heavy metals
  • ㆍImprove eco-friendly water treatment process
  • ㆍRestore streams and ecological systems

Eco-friendly material development and waste resources recycle technology

  • ㆍManufacture eco-friendly products and enhance processes
  • ㆍCollect landfill gas and covert it to energy
  • ㆍRecycle and reuse industrial waste